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Donations help provide necessary revenue that allow Gallery X to promote cultural outreach , monthly exhibits, and a variety of programming. We thank you on behalf of the artists who exhibit, the community we engage, and the many members and visitors who benefit from your generous gift.

Gallery X, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Our 2021 Supporters

Schrafft Charitable Trust    •    The Island Foundation    •    Social Innovation Forum

Nick Heaney    •    Mark Gleicher    •   James Correia    •   Gloria Clark    •   Ramon Tarini

David Lepine  – In Memory of Catherine Nichols    •   Andrea Fonseca

Sarah Huff & Friends    •   John P. Langille & Friends   •    Lisa Goulart

Daniel Cooney & Friends    •   Timothy Michael Hetland    •   Jeanne Pantalone 

Laurie Robertson-Lorant    •   Chelsea Valois    •   Stephanie J. Sherman & Friends

Judith Morse & Nancy Atwood    •   Steve Oliveira    •   David Donahue

Carol Kolek    •   Jared Friedman    •   Barbara Kaplan    •   Nancy Costa

Zachary White & Friends    •   Charles Hauck & Friends

SouthCoast Emergency Response Fund, of the SouthCoast Community Foundation.

Our 2020 Supporters

Kimberly Savage    •    Heather Stivison    •    Milton H. Brightman    •    Ramon Tarini

ROI Communications    •    Scrimshaw Screen Printing

Susan Kaput    •    Mackinley & Amanda Trudeau    •    Peter Medeiros

Janet Williams    •    Brian & Jeanne Kling    •    Thomas & Terri McNulty    •   Thomas Short Jr.

Mary Yarmac    •    David LeComte   •    Lisa Goulart   •    John H. Nieman Sr.

Tim Zucchi  – In Memory of Christine Bertram    •    Carl Mellor    •    David & Mary Jodoin

John Moylan    •    Richard Connor    •   Joe Rego    •   Daniel Cooney

Beatriz Oliveira    •   David Donahue

In Memory of Lynne Diane Beatriz
Nesta Oliveira    •   David J. Beatriz

In Memory of Dylan Amadeus McGowen
Angela DeVivo    •   Aidan Read    •   Lesley Anderson
Helena Hartnett    •   Marianne DeCosta    •   Karen Foley
Amber Pombo    •   John Dowd    •   Christopher Cardoza
Edmund Rooney    •   John Reynolds    •   Carol Kolek    •   Carlton Dasent
Pamela Sherman    •   Jacqueline Nelson-Echardt    •   Shaun Marlow

Special Thanks to the Island Foundation, Inc. for their generous support.