Founded in 1990 Gallery X is a contemporary, nonprofit art gallery of visual, performing, and literary artist members and volunteers. Gallery X promotes its mission of cultural outreach through community partnerships, programming, and monthly art exhibits to stimulate artistic awareness in New Bedford and the surrounding communities. We provide a platform for artists, performers, and creatives of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds to showcase their talents in a safe, professional space.

Board & Staff

Zachary White, Executive Director

David LeComte, President
James Correia, Vice-President
Susan Brandon, Treasurer
Lisa Goulart, Secretary
Charles Hauck, Development Director

Artist Members

Kim Barry

Milton H. Brightman

Jennifer Demers

Lynn Hart

Karen Hetland

David LeComte

John Nieman

Tom Quinn

Janine Simmons

Ramon Tarini

Herby Thompson

David Walega

Cate Becker

James Correia

Sean FitzGerald

Chuck Hauck

Timothy Michael Hetland

Brynn Leger

Tessa Pereira

Meagan Raposo

Niko Tarini

Adrian Tio

Zachary White

Susan Brandon

William Correia

Lisa Goulart

Susan Hauck

David Horne

Christine Maiato-FitzGerald

Cherilyn Pimental

Eileen Riley

Michael Tracey

Patron Members

Kevin Anthony

Priscilla Demers

Jay Grinnell

Nicholas Matthew

MacKinley Trudeau

Marcia Conroy

Sherri Ellis

Heidi Leger

Amanda Trudeau

Max Wojnowski

Nancy Costa

Nina Fay

Philip Racicot

Anderson Trudeau

Abbey Zartman