Gallery X presents Anticipation, a photographic series by Gallery X member Christine Maiato FitzGerald. Anticipation is on view in the Main Gallery from Saturday, July 18th through Sunday, August 2nd. Gallery X hours are Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00-3:00 or other times by appointment. This online exhibition contains three additional ‘bonus’ pieces not on view at the gallery.

Christine Maiato FitzGerald works in the mediums of photography, painting and drawing. She is a native of New Bedford, Massachusetts. FitzGerald’s conceptual compositions are loaded with elements of tension, symmetry, space and contrast. Her work features attention to texture and detail, all while peppered with themes that transition from mysterious melancholy to tranquility. FitzGerald’s inspirations include Francesca Woodman, Kirsty Mitchell and Guy Denning. FitzGerald completed an independent study in Painting III with Professional Artist and Mentor, Jason Chase. To date, FitzGerald earned her Associates Degree in Fine Arts from Bristol Community College in 2019 with honors.  FitzGerald has been an active member of Gallery X since 2014 and now serves as Secretary on their Board.  She has participated in several solo and group exhibitions.  FitzGerald has two article-mentions by local artist and art critic, Don Wilkinson, in 2017 “Gallery X’s Annual Public Hanging Remains True to Its Non-Restrictive Roots”, as well as “Some Gems Stand Out in Wealth of Public Hanging” in 2015, both published in The Standard Times. In 2016, FitzGerald was featured in an Academic Essay written by local photographer, Ronnie Le’ger.

Click on any image below to enter the slideshow gallery, if you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces seen below go to our Something Xtra Shop page, pieces may also be purchased in person at Gallery X or by phone. If you have any questions please contact us ( or 508-992-2675.)